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 harkers generation decks

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PostSubject: harkers generation decks    Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:40 pm

Hey guys and girls welcome to my shop, i have many types of decks ranging from the Nordic gods to the meklords, these decks have had a lot of thought into them and they have been tested against people in the academy and also on DN (dueling network) please have a look around and feel free to ask any questions Very Happy. Also i am open to any deck ideas.

new decks will be in red for 2 weeks and they will changed to normal coulours

agent tour Gide deck : very good deck not much to say to be honest, it is a common deck and i like it and it is now 65

R-genex deck: 400

Nordic god deck: 400

Naturia anti-meta deck: 400

Earthbound immortals: 300

Glad beast: 300

Evil heroes: 300

Six sams: 300

Blackwing: 300

Meklord: 235

crowsama approved my deck shop !!

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harkers generation decks
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