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 How to earn GXA Points?

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PostSubject: How to earn GXA Points?   Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:01 pm

You get/earn points to fight each other.
You can get more points if u dueling against other dorm player.
This is the list how much u can get if u won:

Normal Duel = 20 GXA Points

Then here is the bonus u can get if u won:

Same Dorm: +25 GXA
Other Dorm:

End Dragon: +150 GXA Points
Galaxy-Eye: +50 GXA Points
Malefic: +30 GXA Points
Chimeratech: +15 GXA Points
Cyber Kirin: +5 GXA Points

And now how to earn?
U need to post the result of the duel, if necessary, the image.
Each duel must be Best of 3 to get the points.

Enjoy duelling Very Happy
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How to earn GXA Points?
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