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 plant synchro

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PostSubject: plant synchro    Wed Dec 28, 2011 9:39 am

black luster soldier- envoy of the beginning x1
gorz x1
catus x1
maxx "c" x3
thunder king rai-oh x2
reborn tengu x3
tour guide x3
sangan x1
debris dragon x1
lonefire x 1
dandylion x1
spore x1
glow up bulb x1
spirit reaper x2

monster reborn x1
heavy storm x1
dark hole x1
mst x2
pot of avarice x1
book of moon x1
one for one x1
mind control x1
foolish burial x1
enemy controller x2
scapegoat x1

solemn judgement x1
solemn warningx2
dimensional prison x1
torrential tribute x1
trap dustshoot x1

formula synchron x1
ally of justice cata x1
armory arm x1
t.g hyper librarian x1
orient dragon x1
brionac x1
arcanite magician x1
blackrose x1
stardust x1
scrap dragon x1
trishula x1
wind up zenmaines x1
levair the sea dragon x1
number 17 : leviathon dragon x1
number 39 utopia x1
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plant synchro
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